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At CWD, We know that the design or redesign of your site means a lot in terms of your future business success. This is why we present you with the pay monthly feature for all our web design solutions so that you can benefit from quality and personalised websites, whatever the size of your company. We hold to one essential principle, which is trust and transparency. We want to have a connection between us and our customers where they should feel like they know who we are beyond building the initial website.

Let take advantage of our pay as you go websites!

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Why Choose CWD for Pay Monthly Websites?

Responsive Design
User Experience Design
CMS and e-Commerce Integration
No Technical Worries
Professional Design
Transparent pricing
Regular updates
Trusted Partner

Explore the features of pay as you go websites?

Spread the Cost

Considering our personalised monthly payment plans, you can easily convert an unaffordable upfront cost into affordable and convenient installments. Spreading the cost is very useful as it can ensure cash flow and budget control for business needs.

No Compromise on Quality

Selecting a payment plan should not be perceived as relinquishing quality; the design services you will receive will be of the same high caliber as the design services you would have received with an upfront payment to ensure your website stands out from the digital crowd.

Stay Up-to-Date

The digital landscape changes quickly, and we keep pace. Most times Pa as you go Websites plans include ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure your website remains safe, current, and up-to-date.

Continuous Support

Our monthly plans differ from the one-off payments that may end up allowing you to fend for yourself upon project completion in such a way that they enable you to continue consulting with our support team who are experts in various fields of expertise.

Increased Cash Flow Management

Businesses can easily manage their budget by paying a flat rate each month. You can effectively allocate funds towards other departments when you know what your website costs every month thereby making your financing steady.

No Large Upfront Costs

Starting new websites usually comes at high upfront costs. You can eliminate these huge initial expenses with a monthly plan so as to facilitate online presence for startups and small businesses.

Easy Scaling and AdaptabilityCosts

As your business expands, so do your we­bsite requireme­nts. A monthly payment plan offers the fle­xibility to adjust your website plan up or down as nee­ded, without any disruption.

Includes Host of Services

Pay as you go Websites bundles cover hosting, web design & development, content management systems (CMS) and SEO services. This means that some professionals handle it so that entrepreneurs can concentrate on their main operations.

ROI-Focused Approach

When you pay for your website every month, you are investing in your business’ online presence. The continuous development, upgrading and optimisation of the site makes it a wise return on investment as it will drive traffic and convert them to clients.

Access to Expert Customer Support

Monthly website plans usually come with immediate technical assistance. Hence, in case of an issue, there is a dedicated team ready to address it at once.

Save the Money

Go for our monthly website service and save money with ease. Get professional design and functionality without spending much. Save cash while enjoying high quality products.

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Pay Monthly; Less Financial Strain

At CWD, we connect we­b technology with your objectives & transforming ide­as into reality.


As we move forward technologically, we promise to keep on innovating new features so that your website remains dynamic and updated all the time. Let us go together through Pay as you go Websites!

No Contracts

CWD offers freedom – no minimum contracts. As long as you want, simply choose your site. pay as you go websites

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Monthly Updates

Like iOS updates of iPhones, contemporary websites need regular improvements to remain ahead of their rivals. Do not worry because we manage all updates for you.

30 Minutes of our Time

Devote­ 30 minutes with us every we­ek! Whether it's updating content, publishing blog articles, or adding new pages or designs, it's your time to use as you wish.